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Re: Krishnamurti Litigation

Jan 19, 1998 05:56 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 06:34 PM 1/19/1998 EST, SAGESCROWN wrote:
>I think that I neglected to
>include the remark...
>this sounds like every
>other commercial
>corrupt organization
>in the world today. What?

As a matter of justice and fairness,
I think that we should take
a more objective and charitable view.

Much of the info on the litigation was
shrowded in secrecy for a long time and
it is very likely that very few people
outside the parties involved
knew much of the details. This perhaps
includes most of the current leadership
of TSA. Only in recent years info
on the litigation started trickling out.
That is how I happened to accidentally
find out the connection and initially
was surprised.

After I found out that one of the
trustees of K Trusts involved in the litigation
is an *appointed* officer of the national board
of TSA and a Trustee of TIT which manages all
the investments of TSA funds,
I brought it to the attention of the
leadershiip of TSA. TSA
leadership tried to dismiss it as a
inter-necine affair
having nothing to do with TSA.

On further follow-up with the elected members of
the BOD, the response appears to be
that they just focused on (1) what the person
had done for TS and Theosophy and (2) the final
legal document settling the litigation
between KFA and the Trusts/Trustees
of the old K Trusts. The legal settlement
documents are meant to do one and only thing
-- terminate the litigation, which it did.

I also did not see any indication or evidence
of TSA BOD taking interest or time to independently
investigate the facts and details of the litigation
based on documented info. If they had done it,
they will have a better understanding and flavor of the
litigation. It also would have put in perspective
the huge costs (though legal) expended by the parties in the
litigation which wasted considerable charitable
donor funds benefitting the lawyers representing the
parties instead of being used for K's work and

I continue to formally follow up with the TSA
BOD in the hope they will see that no one needs
to be afraid of Truth and ultimately decide
to find out documented details. By continuing
supporting the appointed officer, each and every
member of the BOD including the current leadership
has a serious responsibility. The issue is likely to be
brought up when any of them run for National/International
offices in the future.

When further litigation details trickle out, no one
is going to look good in the eyes of membership
who are now in the dark. Also the issue is not
likely to go away easily.

So we will have to wait and see.


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