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Re: relativity, quantum, and superstring theories

Jan 12, 1998 05:18 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <v01530504b0deac11ab2b@[]>, Thoa
Tran <> writes
>>Time *may* be an illusion, but it is nothing more than a measurment of
>>movement in *space*.
>Yes, it is the temporal fourth dimension.  However, I was referring to the
>Ultimate memory.  Since dimensions, mathematically, can go up much higher,
>is there any way that we can get closer to the Ultimate via mathematics?

I have often thought "let pi=1" and start from there, but I don't have the
math to go further. As for the Ultimate memory, I would equate it with
Ultimate Being.

A thought just returned to me which may be relevant.  I can strum jazz
chords on a guitar, complete six-string ones.  I can no longer tell anyone
how to make the chord shapes though. It is my fingers that remember
them, not my usual "recall" faculties.

>Of course, what we know is very small compared to what we don't know.

Except for Chuck, who knows everything ...
>>There is no *need* for memory - memory just IS.  Memory is, in a
>>sense, Being itself, and I suggest that it is potentially possible for any
>>one of us to *remember* anything that has ever happened (or
>Yes, that makes sense that memory is the Being itself, and that there is,
>ultimately, no *need* for memory.  I think you and I are getting at the
>same thing.  What I'm wondering is why, in Theosophy, there is this
>mentioning of Akasic memory?  At what level is this Akasic memory?

The upper face of Yetzirah [kabbalah] or the higher astral [theosophy].
>>Ignatius of Loyala (Founder of the Jesuits) said that there are three
>>powers of the "soul" - memory, understanding, and will.  Yep.
>Yes, at the soul level, these powers affect the environment and is
>subjective.  Everything can be looked at as pure subjectivity, even from a
>scientific level.  However, to avoid solipsism, we can look at the world as
>infinite possibilities of worlds, the result of each world is from the
>effect of each subjectivity on each other.  We can also cancel out memory,
>understanding and will if we imagine a subject switching place with another
>subject.  In order for one subject to really become the other, the former's
>memory, understanding and will will have to become the other's.  What is
>left over is pure consciousness.  Even consciousness is ultimately not
>necessary.  Like memory, it just IS, the Being itself.

Err... if we can imagine, it is because we have memory.  Consciousness
is awarenesss of Being,
The Parallel Alan

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