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Update on SD Symposium

Jan 11, 1998 09:39 PM
by M K Ramadoss

>Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 00:18:31 -0500
>From: AStrycker <>
>Subject: 3rd Symposium on SD and HPB

M K Ramadoss,

>I am copying this msg to Arden Strycker so that as and when updates are
>becoming available, Internet e-mail can be taken advantage of by posting
>the updates at theos-news, theos-l, ti-l, theos-talk.
>Arden may want to subscribe to theos-news, theos-l, ti-l by sending a
>e-mail to
>LISTSERV@VNET.NET with a message
>         subscribe theos-??? Arden Strycker
>and subscribe to theos-talk by sending a msg with
>subscribe to
>Arden may also want to provide more information on the sponsors they are
>looking for and also more details of who is presiding and who is going to
>review and accept or reject the articles submitted fo the Symposium.

As per the other email communication, I would love to subscribe, but have
too many things going on at the same time as it is.  I was on the list for
awhile last year.

I asked Nancy about the status of the review committee.  As of the moment,
a review committee doesn't exist.  She will be putting one together
shortly.  If you or someone you know are interested in being on the
committee, contact her directly.  I can forward information to her if wish.
 When the committee is formed, I am sure they will decide how to proceed.

I also talked to her about sponsors and what help she needs.  There are a
number of activities going on simultaneously right now.  She is putting out
her own money as best she can to cover costs trusting that money will come
when she needs it.

I updated the website providing a little bit more information about the
financial needs.  She anticipates needing funds for providing expenses to
invited featured speakers.  She is contacting a number of well-known people
to see who will be available and who might be willing to come.  Obviously,
those people can't go to everything they are invited to, so we don't know
yet how it will turn out.  None-the-less, Nancy expects to need financial
assistance in this area.

We also will need 6 or so people willing to help with their time during the
conference and several other people prior to the conference.  Those
interested should contact Nancy.  Her home phone number is 785-235-2801 and
you can leave a message.  You may also contact her at work (particularly
Sun. when it is slow) at 800-289-2673, Consumer Goods group, extension

I appreciate your interest and will keep you posted of new information.


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