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SD Symposium Update

Jan 11, 1998 09:33 PM
by M K Ramadoss

>Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 00:18:26 -0500
>From: AStrycker <>
>Subject: 3rd Symposium on SD

M K Ramadoss,

>In the flyer on the subject, there was a question how you can help. Here
>are some ideas of using computers and Internet technology as an aid both
>for the writers/presenters to communicate and making the Symposium
>available to everyone in the Cyber space around the world. It is an
>opportunity that is available for the first time for the Symposium.

I agree.  Unfortunately, a lot of people are not 'connected' yet, including
Nancy.  She supports the use of electronic media (email, WWW, etc.) as a
means of expanding our reach of contact.  I further feel it provides an
excellent opportunity for providing information globally as it becomes
available for very little cost.  Postage stamps are expensive, publications
are expensive, and both are time consuming.  I see an excellent opportunity
for taking advantage of electronic communications.

>1. Request everyone who is submitting abstracts, summaries and final paper
>to either e-mail them to you or submit them in diskettes in Microsoft Word
>or WordPerfect format. It is more than likely that everyone may be able to
>do it.
>2. As and when the material arrive, they can be distributed on the
>by e-mail to everybody interested. This can be done as soon as the
>3. This would provide opportunity for the entire Theosophical community to
>comment on the material. There are scholars around the world who could
>provide immensely valuable feedback which will be useful to everyone
>including the committee screening the material.
>4. When the committee selects the papers, they can immediately announce
>selection on the Internet.

These ideas are interesting.  Unfortunately, I don't think it will happen
for this conference.  Review of the proposed papers will be conducted by
the review committee.  At this time the review committee doesn't exist.
When the committee is formed, they can decide how they want to proceed with
the decision process.  This idea has been forwarded to Nancy Blott who will
select the committee.

>5. As and when the final papers are ready, they can be distributed by
>e-mail around the world.

I had planned to put the program on the website when it becomes available.
Some of the people are submitting their proposals for papers
electronically, and I assume they can do the same for their paper.  It
shouldn't be too difficult to include their papers as well as titles on the
website when selected by the review committee.  Providing their email
address as part the paper would facilitate discussions as well.  Good idea.

>6. During the symposium, each day after the morning and afternoon session,
>a summary of proceedings and discussions can be prepared. It can be
>immediately and distributed to those present and also e-mailed to everyone
>7. This way those who for one reason or the other cannot be present at the
>symposium can keep up with the symposium at every step.

Interesting idea.  I'm probably not going to be able to do this.  Putting
discussion (questions and answers) on the website associated with their
papers would add value to those not being able to physically attend the
conference.  I may be able to do this after the conference is over, but I
would have to think about it. It could take a lot of time to do this.

I know it sounds like an excuse, but my time is divided.  I of course work
(more than a 40 hr/wk job). I also hold an office with the local American
Chemical Society section.  Currently, I am in the thick of writing/edting
an annual report for last year's activities.  Others have contributed to
the writing, but right now the report is about 100 pg. Ugh.  I also have a
family with 3 kids (grade school age) and they are going to many
activities.  In between all of that I squeeze in time for TS.  I am part of
a study center in Tulsa, but am actually a member-at-large and always have
been.  Most of my activities have been associated with the Midwest

I am excited about the opportunity to learn how to set up a webpage for
this event.  I appreciate your interest in it and the conference.  If you
think you might attend the conference (or someone you know about) and want
to set up something similar to what you propose, let me know.  We need the
support of everyone who wants to help.

>9. If anyone has any comments on the above, please post them to theos-l,
>ti-l, theos-talk with a copy to Strycker.
>10. I will be willing to help in any of the above tasks in the cyberspace.

I appreciate your help in this area.  I was on the theos-l list last year
for a month or so.  The discussions were interesting.  However,
unfortunately I was pretty busy with other activities as well and although
it didn't take a lot of time going through them everyday, it was relentless
and I eventually decided not to stick with it.  Even so, it is a great
avenue for communication.

SO, if you don't mind I will send notes to you as new information becomes
available so that you may forward them to the different list groups for me.
 If this doesn't work for you let me know.

Again, thank you for your ideas and I apologize for taking so long to
respond.  I have been discussing these ideas with Nancy.


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