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Re: Re Krishnaji's Pacifism II (Correction)

Jan 11, 1998 06:28 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 11:47 PM 1/10/1998 -0500, Frank Reitemeyer wrote:
>of mankind with billions of tons of TNT. Chance or not? In this contect the
>several hints and warnings of GdeP among the ES or other degrees in the
>early 1930's (!) about the upcoming WWII, as cited in The Eclectic
>Theosophist, may be of some interest for us unveiling the deeper reasons
>for the activities of our Theosophical teachers.
>Ringding Frank

I recall that K openly discussed in his discussions and lectures about the
inequities created by the WWI and how a new war inevitable (I am quoting
from memory and need to look up for specifics) while TS circles may have
discussed this in "secrecy" of ES or other degrees. It looks like anyone
who had a clear thinking and vision could see the war coming.


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