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Re: Re Krishnaji's Pacifism

Jan 10, 1998 02:49 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 02:03 AM 1/10/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>MKR wrote:
>>On reading the posts on the developments in Indonesia, the following came
>>to my mind. some may be interested.
>>During the WW I and WW II, the Theosophical Leaders were discussing about
>>the war being between the white forces and black forces and supported the
>>Krishnaji was living in the USA when the US got involved in the war. He
>>asked to help the war efforts and he refused. He refused even to get
>>involved in any civilian capacity supporting the war. He appeared before a
>>Government Board which reviews these cases and gave a six page
>>justification why he would not participate or support. In the end, the
>>Board told him to go back to India, since he was Indian Citizen. He told
>>the board he would gladly return if they could arrange for his
>>transportation. While the transportation was being arranged, he was asked
>>to stay in Ojai and not to give any talks. No transportation was available
>>till the war ended.
>>At a time when everyone was in favor of supporting the War, Krishnaji
>>very firm in his opposition to all wars did so till the end of his life.
>Just so, MKR. And Krishnaji said, as I read in a German book some years
>ago, in 1919 that the Great War was unwise und Wilson's policy unjust with
>the result of a new Great War in 20 years... And WWII began in 1939. Any
>questions? By the by, there is another interesting look from the point of
>view of occult mathematics. As many serious students of Theosophy believe,
>with the birth of HPB - our mother - a new era began. On the other hand
>many New Agers believe the Age of Aquarius began in 1900, others say in
>1960, others have yet another date. Contradiction or paradox? A look in the
>Occult Glossary by Dr. Gottfried de Purucker may assist. We learn that
>there is not only a single cycle but many cycles overlapping, and each
>cycle has a sunrise, a noon and a sunset. These starts and ends are 10%
>from the time of the cycle. So 10 % from 2.160 years (as it is be said for
>a "day of the world") is 216 years. Add this 216 years to 1831 and you have
>the begin of the Age of Aquarius sui generis in 2047. The half of 216 is
>113. Add 113 to 1831 and you have the half-time, the lowest point of the
>time of this our transitional period in 1944, marking the year of the high
>noon of WWII, a period of the greatest and most terrible slaughter in known
>history of mankind with billions of tons of TNT. Chance or not? In this
>contect the several hints and warnings of GdeP among the ES or other
>degrees in the early 1930's (!) about the upcoming WWII, as cited in The
>Eclectic Theosophist, may be of some interest for us unveiling the deeper
>reasons for the activities of our Theosophical teachers.
>Ringding Frank

Thanks for the post. I think several people saw the coming of the two wars
with all the destruction and immense suffering of billions of people. Few
countries were spared of the pain and suffering and we can only hope that
such large scale wars are behind us.

As for the cycles, I agree there seems to be multiple ones and perhaps
overlapping. There is also a thought that some cycles may be flexible. Of
course when we understand cycles, they can be used for good and bad
depending on how we employ them and to what results.


PS: On pacifism, I believe after the WW II, Iceland had a Defense Minister
who was a pacifist.

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