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The Ichat Pager

Jan 07, 1998 08:48 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

I'm going to give a short program on "Theosophy and
the Internet" at Krotona at the end of the month.

I've been looking at various programs, and the
following is interesting. I'd recommend picking it
up (it's free) and using it. If anyone does so,
please send me your email id and the id that you
sign up with it, and I'll optionally post a list of
names and ids so that people can get in touch
with each other. The program basically allows
contact and interaction between people that are
connected to the Internet at the same time. (The
id that I've chosen is my name, "eldontucker".)
Check it out.

-- Eldon


You can download it and use if for free.

The ichat Pager includes the following features:

 Instant messages
 Friends Lists
 Quick conferences
 Drag-and-drop URL and file sending
 Real Audio

Download the ichat Pager for free at:

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