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Re: More on art (To Thoa)

Jan 05, 1998 06:05 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>But in classical time art was supposed to
>introduce the order of the divine realms into eveyday life.  If course
>can sink to propaganda which is worse.  Think of all the socialist
>Oh, it's unfortunate (?) to live in interesting times the Chinese say.
>(enough of talk,let's get to the point)
>I recomend you a good group of painters, of the classic socialist USSR,
>Komar and Melamid....their series of paintings of "socialist realism" is
>g oing to make you laugh!!1
>Excelent painters, you ought to see them!!
>You'll remember me with them, hehe :P
>A grand salute to everyone here

Hi Estrella (big hug!) :o)

Thanks, I will follow your recommendation.  I wonder whether I can find
them in the local library, or maybe I should look in a museum book store.

I once befriended a Cuban artist.  He was an exchange student, young and
idealistic.  He made wooden carvings of famous Cuban patriots.  The same
people that the U.S. condemned as Communist troublemakers, he and his
people revered as lover of their people.  That's another reason to not get
so caught up in national propaganda.  You don't really know what's up until
you hear the other side of the story.  Their government was very supportive
of artists but will take tough measures at any negative portrayals of their
leaders.  Anyway, he called himself a Cuban carpenter.  Cuba was in the
middle of a crisis due to oil embargos, etc., and supplies were short.  He
marveled at the wealth of supplies at a local hardware store and was
mesmerized at our supply of art magazines.  We said good-bye to him at the
airport, his arms heavy from lugging tons of donated art magazines.  We
never communicated with him again, but our hearts are with him.

Have a wonderful year, Estrella.

Thoa :o)

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