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The January THEOSOPHY WORLD is Out

Jan 02, 1998 04:14 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

The January issue of THEOSOPHY WORLD just came out. It's
contents are:

"Theosophical Resources Directory" by Wes Amerman
"To Gaze on the Truly Grand" by Eldon Tucker
"One From the Sacred Science" by Jerome Wheeler
"The Authoritarian Idea of the Masters" by Don DeGracia
"Computerized 'Secret Doctrine' Nearly Ready"
"Seeing Differently" by Pam Giese
"Recovery From an Accident" by Keith Price
"Free Energy Pouring" by John R Crocker
"High Country Theosophist Now Online"
"Mindsets," Part I, by Liesel F. Deutsch
"A Collection of Images" by Mark Kusek
"The New Adepts" by Bart Lidofsky
"The Adepts and the Original Teachings" by Eldon Tucker
"Practical Theosophy" by Boris de Zirkoff
"Third Secret Doctrine Symposium"

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