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Art and Abstraction and Beauty

Dec 20, 1997 03:07 PM
by KeithHouston

I didn't see the 60 minutes thing so I can't speak to it. When you
mention giant ashtrays, are you talking about work by Claus Oldenberg?
Why do you think that it is a dead end? How do you understand it? In any
event, art appreciation is entirely subjective. You are, of course,
welcome to your opinion and I support your right to it.
WITHOUT WALLS: An Internet Art Space

Keith Price:  I think all the experimental, non-representational art that
makes news has to be stranger and stanger, a kind of Andy Warhol joke at the
audience, not with it.

I think there is a lot of interesting art that addresses spiritual issues
around.  I think the QUEST magazine makes a valuable forum for art that
opens into a higher world of bliss and beauty.  Of course, not all modern
art is bad, but we are subjected to such ugliness sometimes and made to feel
like Philistines or bumkins if we don't appreciate it.  I am thinking about
a lot over scale art in from of our buildings in Houston.  They are
psuedo-Calder-Miro-ish papier mache atrocities on a grand scale.  I didn't
want to search it for meaning.  It was repulsive.  The  neo-classical and
neo-gothic office towers gave me a since of peace and serenity.  Of course,
art is THE SHOCK OF THE NEW, but I for one am a little burned out.

Keith PRice

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