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Ramalingam Swamy

Dec 14, 1997 04:45 PM
by M K Ramadoss

I had posted msgs before regarding Ramalingam Swamy, who was one of the
very few who was aware of the launching of TS years before even HPB was
told of the plans.
Also Ramalingam Swamy, when he shut down his Society which was based on
Brotherhood, he specifically told his close associates that people from
Russia and America will come and spread the same msg and then world would
listen. Here is a quote of what HPB wrote about him. I was not able to
verify the accuracy with the original publication.


HPB wrote a note in "Hints on Esoteric Theosophy" a summary of which is:

He is an undoubted Mahatma, having lived doing extraordinary work fo rthe
Universal Brotherhood with his indomitable desire to raise humanity to the
spiritual height. His prophesy about the Universal Brotherhood in India to
be established by the wise from Russia and America and the far North India
is quite correct. In 1873 I got a command to go from Russia to Paris; in
the June of the same year to the United States. I went to New York. It was
during this time that the Mahatma was telling what would happen in the
future. In 1874, I met Col. Olcott. In 1875 the Theosophical Society was
started and in 1879 it was transferred to India.

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