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Myth, Magic and the Movies

Dec 13, 1997 11:04 AM
by KeithHouston

The moving finger writes and having writ, moves on
and all your grace and piety cannot stop it
Nor all your tears erase one line - paraphrase of the RUBIYAT of Omar Kayam

The Greeks and Romans of the classical world lived in a world of myth that
seemed to surround some in a magical world, a kind of exalted virtual
reality.  One thinks of the gods entering the lives of the men of the ILLIAD
etc.  Today our art is more and more dependent of the "reality" of special
effects to capture our attention, to make the myth as presented in movies
important enough to stop our eveyday lives.

Of interests to theosophist, I believe, is the little know Hollywood via
England movie: PANDORA AND THE FLYING DUTCHMAN.  If you are bored at the
video stored, its worth looking for IMHO.  Ava Gardner plays a love goddes
LITERALLY.  She is Pandora the woman of all-gifts who unleashed so much
suffering Eve-like on the world and the last was HOPE.   James Mason plays
the lying dutchman who is doomed to haunt the world on a ghost ship until he
can be released on his karma of killing is his wife for infidelity that
didn't occur.  The themes of karma, reincarnation, fate and the archetypal
images of the anima and animus or skillfully included by being so subtle and
almost undetectable to the mass audience, but yet is sinks into one's
unconscious any way.

The photography that suggest the surrealism of the day, glamour photography
and the tarot (believe it or not) or worth the viewing alone.  Does anyone
remember this one?

Keith PRice

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