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Tibetan world peace Mandala

Dec 09, 1997 06:07 AM
by John E Mead

FYI only -
John E. Mead

>Subject: The 1000 Lights Ceremony is growing. Join! 10th dec.

>Hi list, here's another shared activity we can support, individualy or
collectively.  It's up in just a couple days.  I have a special place in my
heart for Tibet!  Peace on earth!  Kiara

>                AND OUR PRECIOUS WORLD:
>   Is now performed at 38 places worldwide.
>   Many sincere thanks to all supporters.
>   You can join this yearly ceremony by the very simple act of=20
>   lighting a candle in your window at:
>   10th December 1997 at sunset.
>   Independent of tradition, who you are=20
>   and what you believe in, simple and easy.
>   Although tiny, still significant.
>   For further information: =20
>   May we succeed joining!
>   You can also construct a free format mandala or other symbol
>   with 1000 lights together with some humans around you on a=20
>   good place as eg. churches, temples, public squares etc.
>   and light it at the 10th December 1997 kl at sunset.
>   For constructing a mandala see:=20
>   Please join your support by adding your coordinates at=20
>   our server:
>   or by sending us a mail or fax.
>   Please forward this message to any suitable parties either
>   by personal contact, fax, email, phone or other means.
>   Remember especially those who do not have the luxury of email.
>   Sincere best wishes
>   Tibet Charity:=20
>   WWW:
>   Email:
>   -------------------------------------------------------------------
>		World  Appeal from T.D. Lakha Lama
>   To all:
>   I am happy to inform you that we are arranging:
>   "The 1000 Lamp Mandala Ceremony" for Tibet in the cities of=20
>   Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark  and many other places on the=20
>   Day of Human Rights, and Nobel Peace Price at;=20
>   December the 10th at 18.00 o'clock.
>   The work has already begun in Aarhus and Copenhagen and other=20
>   places, but I would sincerely appreciate interested parties=20
>   to commence similar initiatives all over the World.
>   I know that it is impossible for many people to fully join in
>   the ceremony. However, their participation and concern may be
>   demonstrated if they would just light a candle and put it on
>   the windowsill at the same day and time. The purpose is to
>   lighten up the many years of darkness that have been
>   oppressing Tibet.
>   The mandala format is flexible. It could be in two or three
>   dimensions ie. flat or as an erect structure. The choice is
>   fully on the parties that take up the challenge.
>   I wish to thank all those who have sympathy for the Human
>   Rights in Tibet.
>   Yours truly T.D. Lakha, Denmark
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