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Geometric Image

Nov 30, 1997 11:30 PM
by Mark Kusek

Hi Doris,

I have to apologize. I was in the middle of sending my response to your
questions when my computer crashed. I lost both my letter and your post,
along with your email address.

The image you mentioned is by Johannes Kepler.
It was originally published in a book called "Mysterium Cosmographicum'
in 1660.

I know of it by way of "The Hermetic Museum: Alchemy and Mysticism"
(ISBN 3-8228-8653-X) as well as a few others in my library, "Sacred
Geometry" by Robert Lawlor and "Mathematics of the Cosmic Mind" by
L.Gordon Plummer.

It relates to Platonic and Pythagoean teachings about the nature of
reality expressed in geometric terms. The topic is fascinating and there
is a lot of information in the books I've mentioned if you are
interested in delving further.

I originally put up those pictures because of some art related
discussions on the various Theosophy lists. I am an artist by profession
and have been collecting esoterica for years. It was a little labor of

I spent a few weekends scanning and posting those pictures to my
website. I never really intended to put up explanatory texts. Although,
It would probably be a good idea. If there is something in particular
that you are curious about, I'd be happy to share what I know about it
with you.

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