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Re: Free E-mail

Nov 30, 1997 02:19 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

M K Ramadoss wrote:
> What free e-mail is going to do is to make e-mail accessible to everyone.

	Everyone who has:

	A) A computer that can run Mac OS or Microsoft Windows, with a modem
capable of 9600 baud+ communications (currently, IF you know where to
look, such a setup can be had for about $400-$500; but that is a lot of
money to the overwhelming majority of people).
	B) A place to PUT the computer system (more harder to find in urban
than in non-urban environments).
	C) A phone line accessible to the place where the computer is placed
(for a non-technical person, that can run into 3 figures).
	D) Technical knowledge or access to technical knowledge to set the
whole thing up.

	Bart Lidofsky

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