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Re: Theos-World Request for Information, Suggestions, Help

Nov 29, 1997 08:42 PM
by M K Ramadoss


One more thought. How about preparing a one page write up on theosophy
maillists - theos-talk, theos-xxxx, ti-l, ts-l and instructions on how to
sign up for them. It would be very handy for newbees.

When I was looking for theos-xxxx maillists, a kind soul who picked up the
handout prepared by Don DeGracia faxed it to me and it helped me to
subscribe to theos-l and related maillists. 


At 11:42 AM 11/22/97 -0800, Eldon B Tucker wrote:
>>Following on what JRC has indicated, could you tell us:
>>1. What is the composition of the audience such as:
>>       top leaders
>>       workers
>>       others
>This cannot be predicted in advance. The program is a one-day
>thing on the regular Krotona schedule, without any special
>>       Again in the above groups any idea of the proportion of young and old
>Typical programs at Krotona are older folks that may never
>have owned their own PC. For a program on this topic, though,
>the older folks that dislike computers will stay away, and
>more of the younger people on the Krotona mailing list will
>likely come. The percentage of younger people will be
>improved, but still be older than the average for the T.S.
>in general.
>>2. What are the objectives, if any has been formulated?
>Give a broad overview of what's out there, some show-and-tell,
>and related philosophical discussion of how one can benefit
>from and serve others on the Internet.
>>3. Getting the audience appreciate and use Internet, is top-down or
>>bottom-up approach is going to be taken? (How eager and fast rank and file
>>take to Internet may depend on the attitude and enthusiasm of the leadership
>>especially because Krotona is the HQ of the Esoteric Section.) 
>This is not a training session for staff, it's a public
>program for anyone interested.
>>4. Can you tell us some background of how and who initiated setting up your
>I thought it would be a good idea and volunteered to 
>give the program.
>-- Eldon

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