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Free E-mail

Nov 29, 1997 03:43 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Some of you know about the free e-mail service provided by Juno in the
United States and Canada.

Like network television which is paid for by advertisers, Juno gets its
money from advertisers. The users get e-mail capability at no cost.

All you need is a PC computer which runs Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 and has
a modem.

Juno has local access telephone numbers in most major cities. So in effect
the cost is the cost of a local phone call.

The setting up an e-mail account is very simple.

You need a copy of their e-mail software. You can download it from, you can get a copy from your friend or get a copy mailed to
you for the handling cost of less than $10.00.

>From then on, the whole setup process is very simple and anyone with no
expertise can do it.

What free e-mail is going to do is to make e-mail accessible to everyone.
This is going to impact the world of communications in ways unthinkable.

Just wanted everyone to know.


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