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Re: On organization

Nov 28, 1997 08:55 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Organizations, like friends, families, communities, cities, countries
and our globe are a fact of life and an important aspect of learning. 
They are not perfect, nor there is any perfect thing or being in life.
IMO it is time for all to understand that we cannot get perfection out
of imperfection. Out of the interaction we learn and become wiser, this
wisdom in time will liberate us . . . This is the Path towards the land
of Truth. A slow process but a extraordinary process. Unpredictable it
is as we do not have all the factor.
It is a beautiful process: being paret of it and able to observe it as
an outsider is a worderful experience. 
So am very happy to be part of an TSA organization, imperfect yes, with
friends in it, yes. With people who are totally different from me, like
Chuck the Heretic, yes. But I still have fun with Chuck at Olcott.
What are we learning as part of an organization: brotherhood, harmony,
goodness, etc. Failure to do that brings pain, suffering - adharma.
The internet is an organization, and is getting more organized everyday.
If any thinks is not organized, try to get an URL without applying for
it, try to get an email without paying for an email address ( unless
someone else pays for it).

The thinking that "not belonging to" is alien to a social being. I like
what Plato says about it in his republic. 


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