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Re: Brainwashing, etc.

Nov 25, 1997 10:37 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-11-25 12:57:50 EST, you write:

>I had attended a lecture at the University of Maryland given by a Dr.
>Moyle who claimed to have worked for many years with government agencies
>developing the use of hypnosis for the purpose of getting subjects to do
>things against their will. He claimed that they had achieved complete
>success in their experiments, but I don't think there are any published
>results to be found. He had also remaked that torture has been refined
>to the point that anyone can be made to confess. 
True on all counts.  The material has been published and there are a number
of websites that contain quite a bit of it.  Simply set the search engine to
Mind Control and start digging.

>This maybe rather grim to think about, but I do think he may be
>reporting the truth about these issues. Certainly there are stranger
>things to be known.

There are a lot of popular myths about hypnosis, one of them being that
person cannot be made to do anything they are socially programmed not to,
like murder.  But a skilled hypnotist, with a modicum of knowledge of human
behavior, can work around any such block.  True, the subject may not be
willing to empty an automatic into a person knowing it will kill him, but if
the subject KNOWS that it is only a water pistol he is going to be firing...
 Well, you can see how it works.

And yes, the experiments were successful and I didn't do them.

The really interesting stuff, however, is the work that has been done on and
off over the years with long-range hypnosis, in which hypnotic induction is
combined with telepathy.  The best known researcher in this field was V. V.
Vasiliev, but it was actually quite common about a hundred years ago and much
of the material on mental healing of the time gives very clear instructions
on how to do it.  Most of that is kept in print by Yogi Publication Society.

Chuck the Heretic

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