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Re: Great Mother

Nov 21, 1997 08:43 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 10:47 PM 11/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
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>>> What is "Quest?"
>>> Divine Mother.
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>>Divine Mouse
>Dear "Divine Mouse":
>Kindly squeak only when directly squoken to.
>Divine Mummy (informal address)
Dear "Divine Mummy":

Don't you know the Divine Mouse? Here is the story.

In Hindu Mythology, every God - human personification of powers or
attributes in Nature has their own transportation, usually an animal or
bird. Even the ancients recognized the importance of transportation. So the
God of Wisdom, Ganesh or Ganesha, who was half animal and half man, has
mouse as his animal of transportation even though physically the mouse
cannot transport Ganesh. God of Wisdom is so smart that he can get his job
done without moving an inch. And the concept of transplanting animal parts
on humans is a very old one in Hindu Mythology. The God of Destruction,
accidentally chops off the head of his son (and destroys it). Ganesh is his
son and when he found out what he had done, he was ordered by his wife to
fix it, and fix it immediately. Looking around for replacement head, a
recently dead elephant was found its head was cut off and transplanted on
the human torso. Tha't is the story.

Hindus of every denomination and belief have one thing in common. They
always pay homage and pray to Ganesha and request his blessings before any
ritual or start of any critical activity, the principle appears to be that
in that way we dont do stupid things and get into problems.

Let us get back to our normal forms!


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