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Re: Interesting Qns/Ans

Nov 21, 1997 05:53 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 06:08 AM 11/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
>To doss: Thank you for Qns/Ans - I had great fun reading them
>and really needed it because I am still suffering from a very, very
>great shock since yesterday I happened to see the QUEST for the
>first time in my life. It looked so dull I didn't even touch it!
>BTW my Nissan is still in the garage waiting for his 4 x 4 power
>to come back though I wonder if at 95 one should drive at all.

You should open it and see. At least from my novice standpoint, the old
Quest used to be difficult to understand -- the fog factor was very high --
and now it seems there is an attempt to capitalize on the fad of the day.

As in another msg Rudy said, sailors would from time to time use their
compass to check true north and like wise everyone should go back to some of
the early material to get ourself reminded about the main reason why the
modern theosophical movement was started, not bogged down by the so called
inner aims etc and probably get bogged down by the details and dazzling
other material that may sidetrack all of  us.

In theos-talk, I reposted the famous Maha Chohan letter and I will post it
again here.

Hope you will have your wheels back.


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