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Re: Usage guidelines for ARCANA

Nov 19, 1997 05:23 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Eldon B
Tucker <> writes
>A group -- lodge, organization, even mailing list -- tends to 
>maintain its status quo. Many members are followers, listeners,
>lurkers at meetings. A handful like to monopolize the air time
>and control the direction of discussions and programs. That
>handful is the group's "leadership". It maintains the status
>quo by providing the group with programs along lines that it
>likes and by keeping the group "on topic" or resisting the
>introduction of new ideas by newcomers, if those new ideas
>give the group a new direction. (That new direction is
>perceived as a "takeover" since it may take power away from
>the existing leadership.)

That doesn't happen on ANY of the theos-lists - try it and see!


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