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Re: Great Mother

Nov 19, 1997 04:47 PM
by M K Ramadoss

What a surprise when I opened the current issue of Quest. There is an
article by Nancy Hiscoe Clark (a Unity Minister) on Princess Diana as the
Great Mother. Most creative imagination to connect her death and the world
attention to Great Mother. Here is a situation where Diana was killed by a
driver who was DWI and trying to connect it to Great Mother.

Don't we all remember that last time we heard about the World Mother. It was
just prior to Krishnamurti's "Truth is a Pathless Land" statement when
Apostles were created, some TS members were announced as Initiates and
hurried thru Initiations, and Rukmini Devi was announced as representative
of World Mother. The only person who did not know about all these
developments was K, the vehicle of World Teacher. Later K commented that all
were machinations of the fertile brain of George Arundale!

Recently, I was at a gathering in which some homage was done to a Guru and
during the gathering, the lights started flickering for a short time due to
thunderstorms and rain. The flickering was explained as Guru trying to
communicate with the gathering. Unbelievable explanation and some even
believed it. These are highly educated individuals.

We are in a strange period (Kali Yuga) and I guess anything goes.


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