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Re: Usage guidelines for ARCANA

Nov 18, 1997 05:36 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 04:38 PM 11/18/97 -0500, Vincent Beall wrote:

>It was a bit of a nusance but there really were some Valcurian moments
>that were rather unforgettable. The listowner sadly put an end to it by
>making a system change which meant that posts sent to the list would
>wait at the server until he o.k.ed them and sent them to the list. The
>result of this action is that there is very rarely anthing posted to the
>list; "the thrill is gone" so to speak. 
>This list and the Alchemy forum don't seem to get any 'tourists' so you
>might want to come up with some rules and make them available to list
>members, but I think that strict enforcement of the rules defeats a free
>exchange of ideas that people who subscribe to lists are looking for.

You are right on target.

I am on listening-l, which has been running very actively with no guidelines
or rules. As Krishnamurti stated Truth is a Pathless Land, listening-l is
Ruleless maillist!!!!


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