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Re: Guidelines for Theos-talk

Nov 18, 1997 03:41 PM
by Caldwell/Graye

One of the guidelines of the ARCANA list reads:

"No attacks on any religion or esoteric belief system."

What is the definition of "attack"?

Some of Madame Blavatsky's writings might be considered
as "attacks" on the Christian religion, Spiritualism, etc.

Parts of Isis Unveiled and the Mahatma Letters  
contain pretty strong language against "Christianity"
Spiritualism, and other  religious belief systems.  

If Madame Blavatsky, M. and K.H. repeated some of the following
"attacks" on Theos-talk, would  the "moderator" 
censor these "critiques"?

"Nay more he who reads our Buddhist scriptures written for the superstitious
masses will fail to find in
them a demon so vindictive, unjust, so cruel and so stupid as the celestial
tyrant upon whom the Christians prodigally lavish
their servile worship and on whom their theologians heap those perfections
that are contradicted on every page of their Bible.
Truly and veritably your theology has created her God but to destroy him

"Look at India and look at Christendom and Islam, at Judaism
and Fetichism. It is priestly imposture that rendered these Gods so terrible
to man; it is religion that makes of him the selfish
bigot, the fanatic that hates all mankind out of his own sect without
rendering him any better or more moral for it. It is belief in
God and Gods that makes two-thirds of humanity the slaves of a handful of
those who deceive them under the false pretence
of saving them. Is not man ever ready to commit any kind of evil if told
that his God or Gods demand the crime?; voluntary
victim of an illusionary God, the abject slave of his crafty ministers. The
Irish, Italian and Slavonian peasant will starve himself
and see his family starving and naked to feed and clothe his padre and pope.
For two thousand years India groaned under the
weight of caste, Brahmins alone feeding on the fat of the land, and to-day
the followers of Christ and those of Mahomet are
cutting each other's throats in the names of and for the greater glory of
their respective myths. Remember the sum of human
misery will never be diminished unto that day when the better portion of
humanity destroys in the name of Truth, morality, and
universal charity, the altars of their false gods. "

"What have we, the disciples of the true Arhats, of esoteric Buddhism and of
Sang-gyas to do with the Shasters and
Orthodox Brahmanism? There are 100 of thousands of Fakirs, Sannyasis and
Saddhus leading the most pure lives, and yet
being as they are, on the path of error, never having had an opportunity to
meet, see or even hear of us. Their forefathers have
driven away the followers of the only true philosophy upon earth away from
India and now, it is not for the latter to come to
them but to them to come to us if they want us. Which of them is ready to
become a Buddhist, a Nastika as they call us?
None. Those who have believed and followed us have had their reward. Mr.
Sinnett and Hume are exceptions. Their beliefs
are no barrier to us for they have none. They may have had influences around
them, bad magnetic emanations the result of
drink, Society and promiscuous physical associations (resulting even from
shaking hands with impure men) but all this is
physical and material impediments which with a little effort we could
counteract and even clear away without much detriment
to ourselves. Not so with the magnetism and invisible results proceeding
from erroneous and sincere beliefs. Faith in the Gods
and God, and other superstitions attracts millions of foreign influences,
living entities and powerful agents around them, with
which we would have to use more than ordinary exercise of power to drive
them away. We do not choose to do so. We do
not find it either necessary or profitable to lose our time waging war to
the unprogressed Planetaries who delight in
personating gods and sometimes well known characters who have lived on
earth. There are Dhyan-Chohans and "Chohans of
Darkness," not what they term devils but imperfect "Intelligences" who have
never been born on this or any other earth or
sphere no more than the "Dhyan Chohans" have and who will never belong to
the "builders of the Universe," the pure
Planetary Intelligences, who preside at every Manvantara while the Dark
Chohans preside at the Pralayas. Explain this to
Mr. Sinnett. . . . -- tell him to read over what I said to them in the few
things I have explained to Mr. Hume; and let him
remember that as all in this universe is contrast. . . .so the light of the
Dhyan Chohans and their pure
intelligence is contrasted by the "Ma-Mo Chohans" -- and their destructive
intelligence. These are the gods the Hindus and
Christians and Mahomed and all others of bigoted religions and sects
worship; and so long as their influence is upon their
devotees we would no more think of associating with or counteracting them in
their work than we do the Red-Caps on earth
whose evil results we try to palliate but whose work we have no right to
meddle with so long as they do not cross our path."

These quotes are from The Mahatma Letters but we could give similar
ones from Isis Unveiled, etc. dealing not only with religion, but also

Daniel H. Caldwell

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