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Re: Usage guidelines for ARCANA

Nov 18, 1997 11:09 AM
by JRC

>As fuel for further possible discussion on what are reasonable
>guidelines for participation in theosophical mailing lists, 
>I've included a copy of the guidelines for the ARCANA mailing
>list. (The guidelines are reposted with permission from the
>listowners of that list.) 

A quick question - Eldon, are you seeking feedback because you are
contemplating some sort of rules for theos-talk, or is there some effort
afoot to impose guidelines of some sort on theos-l?

>Any useful ideas or comments would be appreciated. Statements
>like "I always do what I believe is best," though, don't really
>say anything, and are ways of avoiding discussing any of the
>issues involved. The same is true of statements, I think, like
>"Anyone should write anything anytime they like; there should
>be no limits or standards whatosever!" 
Anyone *should* write anything anytime they like - understanding that they
will likely be responded to in a tone identical to the one in which they
write. This, however, does not *avoid* discussion, but is at the very root
of it: A "governed" list will always by necessity take on the character of
the governer(s), an ungoverned list will take on the character of the
participants ... their best and their worst. Given a choice, I'll always
choose freedom over control.

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