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Re: ULT & B. Wadia

Nov 13, 1997 06:30 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
<> writes
>There is a ULT branch in New York City which has a bookshop, a library,
>an active schedule of meetings, advertises in major newspapers (but
>never charges for public meetings), and where they recite rehearsed
>pre-written speeches with rehearsed questions and rehearsed answers (if
>you ask a question that is not part of the script, you will get thrown
>out). I find it hard to believe that an anarchical organization can run
>such a thing, or that the State or City of New York would allow such an
>organization to own land and buidlings.
>       Bart Lidofsky

I agree.  So can you find out who *does* own it, and by what authority
they are able to speak "in the name of" something called ULT?  I am sure
we would all like to know!


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