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Re: Theos-World feedback on intellectual rights and ethics

Nov 13, 1997 12:34 PM
by Titus Roth

Somebody wrote:

>> An ethical person acts out of a sense of right even when it's not in that
>> person's best interest, even when the majority may not be doing the right
>> thing. wrote:

> Ethics has no place in any endeavor involving human intelligence.  I cannot
> conceive of an instance where a rational individual would refrain from an
> action merely because it violates some principle.

But hearing about that principle may remind us of something we know inwardly,
but don't have full conscious access to yet.  Or sometimes we *do* know in our
heart of hearts we are acting against our conscience, but because "everyone
else does it" we compromise our better knowing.

BTW, Chuck, your serious side seems to be coming out lately.  I personally
find that refreshing.  Tricksters are great for stirring up the stodgy old
prim and proper folks now and then, but too much trickery is tiring.

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