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Re: feedback on intellectual rights and ethics

Nov 13, 1997 10:46 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-11-13 12:55:58 EST, you write:

>That's good to know. But because you choose to put all your writings
>into the public domain does not mean that it's right to treat the
>writings of others as being in the public domain. That choice is
>made by the individual writer. 
>-- Eldon

At the risk of seeming to contradict myself in a previous post, I have always
found it gratifying the you always ask my permission to put something in
Theosophy World.  It is not an issue of principle with me, being pretty
unprincipled myself and therefore in no position to criticize others on the
matter, but as a writer, who actually tries to make a living at it, I do
appreciate the consideration.

It's got nothing to do with right or wrong, but to be asked if something I
write can be used in something you edit is a compliment that no writer can
resist.  It's like a big warm fuzzy thing.

And as a writer who is an unprincipled pragmatist I have to face the reality
that the internet may make copyright as an enforceable matter obsolete.  I
won't steal material from another author (not because of ethics, but because
of ego, it ain't mine!) but the reality is others will and no doubt they will
steal from me if they think it serves their purposes and all the talk of
ethics in the world will not change that.

How we will all adapt to this new world order is yet to be determined.

Chuck the Heretic

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