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Nov 13, 1997 05:51 AM
by A. Safron

	There is a ULT branch in New York City which has a bookshop, a library,
an active schedule of meetings, advertises in major newspapers (but
never charges for public meetings), and where they recite rehearsed
pre-written speeches with rehearsed questions and rehearsed answers (if
you ask a question that is not part of the script, you will get thrown
out). I find it hard to believe that an anarchical organization can run
such a thing, or that the State or City of New York would allow such an
organization to own land and buidlings.

	Bart Lidofsky

Anarchy is defined as political disorder and confusion.  What the
ULT seems to be doing is exactly the opposite.  There is safety in
doing the same thing, all the time.  These people are afraid of
making the wrong moves.

As for the legality of ownership, can Ramadoss address this?

A. Safron

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