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Re: ULT & B. Wadia

Nov 12, 1997 06:39 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
<> writes
> wrote:
>> Another  interesting feature is it's lack of  Constitution, By-Laws and
>> Officers. Everything is done by individuals without backing of a group or a
>> hierarchical position.  Favored studying material appears to be anything by
>> Crosbie, Judge or the "Key to Theosophy."
>       Who pays for the electricity? Who decides when the meetings are
>scheduled? Who designs the advertisements, and decides where they are
>going to be placed?
>       Bart Lidofsky

An interesting question. Presumably, on the basis of the quote from CP,
the individuals who want to do things.  This, if true, suggests a
curious arrangement whereby any one who is a kind of [non]member of ULT
can do or say whatever they please, all in the name of ULT, which could
lead to some curious results.

Having read writings of ULT members, however, it is also clear that each
one writes only as an individual student, and makes no claims on behalf
of ULT, which paradoxically suggests that the "United" part of ULT means
only that members are united only insofar as being able to say whatever
they like.

It seems confusing to me, if indeed there is no kind of constitutional
basis for it at all.  At least with Thesosophy International (which
clearly shares the desire for individual freedom) there is a written
"Statement of Intent."  Maybe ULT has something similar, and one of the
members thereof could advise us of it?


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