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rules and games

Nov 12, 1997 02:59 AM
by Nicole Suter

To Chuck: "For example, for years I would make at least one afternoon trip
out to Olcott to dig in the library, invariably on Wednesday.  But then I
decided to change and went out on a Tuesday.  For several days the Olcott
staff could not remember what day it was!"

Hi, hi, hi - that's great (laughs)! It's exactly the same thing I did and still
do when I am learning (for example) psychology. I take out some topics
of a book and try them out the very next day (I am terrible because I always
have to try out something).

Aha, breaking the pattern you call that - well this makes a new point of view
I wasn't aware of before. I am just having fun doing it.

Without-bumps-Inc. anonymous

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