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Unconditional love/ obsession/unity

Nov 11, 1997 06:51 AM
by Nicole Suter

To Catherine:

"Nicole,  I am sorry for the delay in answering."

That doesn't matter at all.

"You ask such good thought provoking questions and comments
I must strain my brain to think of the reply."

Sorry, didn't want to be provoking.

"i.e. black & white thinking"

I agree, obsessed persons seem to think like this.

" *Example:  A woman may stay in an abusive relationship with a man or her
husband for years because she is *obsessed* with her love for this person.
 Allowing him to be irresponsible."

That's a very good example to discuss and here I feel we come to the point
I thought we might have misunderstood.

That example-woman is not at all *obsessed* with love, but might
unconsiously feel that the example-he doesn't love her though hates her
because his own personality didn't have the chance to develop properly.
It's not  o n l y   the woman allowing him to be irresponsible, it's also
him preferring to be irresponsible because it allows him to feel protected
through her as he was as a child through his mother while hiding his
feelings of fear from women in general.

If you compare the above to history, Nero, Julius Csar, Stalin, Hitler etc.
were like this while  Goethe for example was not. Rudolph Steiner for
instance was also a fearer but compensated through religion and this
might be a reason why HPB didn't come along with him anymore.

I think its exactly the above fear where the wars, sects and dogmas are
coming from. One can even not condemn them in the end or do you
condemn someone because he/she is afraid of something and compensates
his/her fears?

"This ties into earlier comments on Atma-Buddhi and Higher Self.  There is a
point we reach, usually, momentary where we KNOW we are a shared

I agree.

"Remember, I'm still learning.  This is only where I am at now."

I feel the very same way here.



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