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Re: What is the color of love?

Nov 10, 1997 11:31 AM
by Thoa Tran

Hi Vincent,

>Please post a response. There was a study done that found that the color
>was, for the majority, chosen from only one of two colors.
>Give it a little thought and post a color. Of course you might want to
>post your choice and suggest the identity of the other color.

The color of love, to me, is lilac.  Lilac is as light as cloud, which is
soft and fluffy, suggests a sweet smell, and is a cousin to purple, a
spiritual color (to me).

I think most people would choose red as the color of love, as suggested by
red roses and red hearts.  However, that's too darn bloody for me, and
those roses have thorns!  Perhaps that would be more appropriate in
describing obsessive love.

Love and light,
Thoa :o)

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