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Re: Sound familiar?

Nov 10, 1997 03:34 AM
by CPickar965

In a message dated 97-11-06 08:49:09 EST, you write:

 To Nicole:


 Sometimes things may change faster. An example: I am working for the
 Swiss Federal Institut of Technology. Here everyone has to learn that there
 is no leadership anymore and each individual is responsible for him/her-
 selves. A professor is here to inspire his student. Students judge freely if
 the liked the course of lectures, what could have been done better ...
 or other people who do not wish to follow this new system are talked to
 and sometimes they have to go to economy or getting retired earlier or what-
 ever solution can be found for the individual person.

I'm going to contribute my .02 (as some one else says).  This is an overall
trend in many companies in America, also.  In a sense,  it is an experience
that will help actualize the potential of the individual (to the benefit of
the company or group).  I find this a very Aquarian or New-Age concept verses
the "authoritarian leadership" or Piscean leadership of the past.  Many
people find this difficult, from managers who are not use to having to treat
employees as equals with respect, and employees who prefer not to make
decisions and be responsible, i.e. use to being told what to do and it's the
line of least resistance for them.  The IDEA of it comes out in literature
for team work,  the work of business guru Stephen Covey, and William Glassers
work on the "Quality School" or quality concept.  Although, Glasser did some
very good work, especially along the lines of school, the quality concept
 was initiated by W. Edwards Deming, whom I greatly admire.  There may be
others whose work I don't know.  IMO, this ties into the theosophical concept
of equality and brotherhood.   It, also, creates right relations between
people allowing for service and self-improvement.   I enjoy finding people or
situations who are not Theosophy and seeing Theosophical principles at work,
especially when it can be applied to day to day life.



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