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Re: Theos-World Sai Baba's Teachings

Nov 09, 1997 01:02 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Nicholas Weeks wrote:
> Suggest you read more widely in Sathya Sai Baba's works. Sai Baba has
> always presented a path of stages -- running from dualism to the highest
> Truth -- impersonal non-dualism.  For example:
Just last night I was discussing the good work Sai Baba has initiated in

In three counties, his devotees have established treated water systems
and the State Government is now considering helping similar projects in
other counties which does not at present have such drinking water
system. The Government's view is that the work done by Sai Baba's
devotees is a work of real devoted service to Humanity and hence there
was no corruption of the middlemen. Whenever any project is directly
funded and managed, invariably there is a lot of corruption in the
process. Government feels that letting Sai Baba's devotees handle the
project with much financial aid from State Government will ensure that
the money will be efficiently spent with no corruption the common man
and women will get every penny's worth.

When you see Sai Baba's effect in motivating individuals to service and
the accomplishments thereof, it is pure service to Humanity which is the
prime objective of the launch of modern theosophical movement. While his
specific philosophy may not be the same as that HPB propounded, as far
as the objective is concerned, what he is doing is indeed implementation
of pure Theosophy.


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