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Free e-mail program with filters

Nov 03, 1997 01:30 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 11:12 AM 11/2/97 -0800, Eldon B Tucker wrote commenting on a prior msg:

> My bet is that 90% of viewers are not interested in seeing the same
>multiple submissions by the same persons everyday.  I'm not.

Depending upon your email program, you may be able to filter
out or set aside to a different folder all submissions from
selected individuals. You could read the rest of the postings
and optionally get to the rest later.


        I use Eudora Light 3.0, a freeware program which can be downloaded
on the web for free and used for free and it runs on Windows. It has the
ability to filter msgs and sort them into several user defined folders and
mailboxes.  The web address is

        The filtering ability helps me to deal with a couple of hundreds of
msgs I get each day and night, especially when I use e-mail both for my
business and personal (theosophical and other) purposes. If anyone has
difficulty in downloading the freeware, I can provide free help unless I am
swamped with too many requests. In the latter case, we have to find a
different solution. 

        You have to use it to see the power of filters.

	Peace to all living entities.

	M K Ramadoss
	4203 Gardendale, Suite 226
	San Antonio TX 78229-3137
	(210) 615-7373
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