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The November THEOSOPHY WORLD is out

Oct 31, 1997 08:42 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

The November issue of THEOSOPHY WORLD just came out.  It's
contents are:

"The Path of Self-Reliance" compiled by Nicholas Weeks
"Cycles and Unconditioned Consciousness" by Eldon Tucker
"New Zealand News" by Bee Brown
"Studies in 'The Voice of the Silence', Part III, The Mind of the
    Renouncer, by B. P. Wadia
"New Age Defended" by Paul Johnson
"Spirit and Universal Brotherhood" by Dallas TenBroeck
"Great Theosophists: The Rosicrucians"
"No Dreamworld" by Eldon Tucker
"The Dreamworld" by Gerald Schueler
"Sowing Fresh Spiritual Seeds" by Einar Adalsteinsson
"Masters, Adepts, Teachers, and Disciples" by Dallas TenBroeck

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