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Re: K. and membership

Sep 30, 1997 10:45 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-09-30 12:14:42 EDT, you write:

>But the slide I was talking about was in the American section,
>which had been steady in the 5-6000 range for years until the
>treatment of Bing Escudero and other perceived problems with
>the Abbenhouse administration sent it downward.  Is it under
>4000 yet?  

No, it seems stabilized at about 4,000.

Actually, there seems little question in my mind that the whole Krishnamurti
period is one of the great embarrassments that Theosophy has to overcome.
 The nonsensical idea of a "world teacher" and the idea that that teacher
would be as boring as Krishnamurti was a blunder almost as great as CWL's
visions of life on Mars, when he wasn't drooling over the latest choirboys.

It is impossible to read the literature of that period without coming to the
conclusion that the society's membership was made up of gullible imbeciles
who make New Agers look intelligent and circumspect by comparison, because
only complete and utter fools would take anything those people said
seriously.  Just read the account of the day when all the assembled morons
threw themselves at Krishnamurti's feet when if they had any brains they
would have simply thrown up.

Better to have a society that respects scholarship (usually) than one made up
of the dregs of the IQ pile.  Let those fools look for THE PATTERN and leave
us alone.

Chuck the Heretic

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