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Re: Scholar bashing

Sep 29, 1997 11:32 AM
by ramadoss

At 12:10 PM 9/29/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Come now, people.  The problem with TSA snobbishness and
>exclusivity has next to nothing to do with scholars.  Yes,
>there's a President in the US who was recently described to me
>as "pompous and pedantic."  But the real membership slide
>occurred during his predecessor's tenure, not his.  And the
>International President has no scholarly publications to her
>credit, but sets the tone of "let the world catch up with us."

    I thought the real slide took place in early 30s soon after
Krishnamurti's "Truth is a Pathless Land" statement. Correct me if I am wrong.

>It's *spiritual* elitism that is the problem, not
>*intellectual* elitism.  There are only a handful of
>Theosophists who think they're intellectual paragons, but a
>hell of a lot who think they're "further along on the path"
>than the rest of humanity.

Anyone can be deluded into thinking how far along one is "further along on
the path". How is the progress measured objectively?

When I saw the Krishnamurti litigation in which D. Rajagopal and three of
the Trustees of Krishnamurti Trusts suing Krishnamurti for 9 million
dollars, it made me wonder. Here is D. Rajagopal who was declared as having
passed his 2nd Initiation suing Krishnamurti who was considered as the
vehicle of the second coming of Christ, one wonders about how one reconciles
the actions of those who are considered to be further along the path. I
don't see any difference between anyone further along the path and a common
man/woman. They seem to look alike.

I guess the fundamental problem seems to be one of priorities of TS.


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