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Re: TSA Membership

Sep 28, 1997 01:22 PM
by ramadoss

At 03:48 PM 9/28/97 -0400, A. Safron wrote:
>> From:
>> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
>> Subject: TSA Membership
>> Date: Sunday, September 28, 1997 9:59 AM
>> Has any attempt been made to draw up a plan and try something like what AB
>> and CW did to regain the membership level of old days?
>Who want to change things when the people at the top find them perfectly
>fine the way they are?
>> Now that the next millenium is approaching, are any plans there to rebuild
>> the membership (if it is all feasible).
>Good question.  Seems there was an article in a past newsletter written by an
>LCC priest that claimed "humanity had to catch up to TS" for there to be any
>real membership.  Gee, golly, if humanity drags its feet, there will be no TS.
>In other words, there seems to be an idea that the vast unwashed, uneducated
>and poor people of the world are just goin' have to get movin' and get
>all properly dressed and educated to meet the TS standards.  Till then, the
>can sit in their ivory tower and tsk-tsk.
>A. Safron
I agree.

Theosophy was not just meant for the educated, cultured (?), snobbish elite.
It was meant to reach everyone. It can help the vast unwashed, uneducated
and poor people. Theosophy is not just all the complicated chains and rounds
etc. From its daily application point of view it is for everybody. 

May be some of the scholarly types may disagree with this novice's point of
view, which I have held for a long time. Last time anything that was
mentioned on the subject of reaching out to unwashed, uneducated and poor
was in a mention by the Board Member from Chicago years ago. Since that
time, I have not seen any further discussion by anyone. Has anyone else seen
anything I missed?

While on the subject, I am reminded of the admonishment that Olcott received
from his Guru when the famous preacher was visiting India. Olcott was told
that this man with all his rough outer manners, if he were to die a lot of
angels will shed tears or something to the effect. 

Let all the scholars sit on the ivory tower and let us hope the tower itself
does not sink taking everyone down with it. Has anyone counted the
percentage of doctorates on the faculty of Olcott Institute?


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