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Re: HPB and scientists

Sep 27, 1997 08:35 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-09-26 14:40:45 EDT, you write:

>Rob comments that it is harder to imagine HPB conversing on
>familiar terms with a scientist of her own time, Tesla, than to
>picture Krishnamurti with Bohm.  But in fact she far
>outstripped K. in the number of eminent scientists she knew
>personally.  Alfred Russell Wallace, Thomas Edison (well, not a
>scientist, but close), Camille Flammarion, Sir William Crookes,
>for example, were all FTS at one time or another, and all
>personally acquainted with HPB to a greater or lesser degree.

And they were real scientists who did real experimental work, not hot-air
academics like Bohm who sit on their tenure and make ridiculous
pronouncements with no hard data to back them up.

Chuck the Heretic

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