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Re: Reincarnation & Purpose

Sep 26, 1997 05:35 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Jerry Schueler
<> writes
>How about this?--we go through the
>Arc of Descent into matter forgetting stuff, and then go
>through the Arc of Ascent learning it again. You may ask
>why bother? And again I am faced with the desire for 
>self-expression as the only real possible answer.

Maybe that's just how it is.  We don't have a say in the business, any
more than some plants reappear in roughly the same spot year after year
after year after ..... it's just a matter of natural law.  In general,
we seem to enjoy helping each other out - maybe that's law too.  Let's
enjoy it, if we can.

I remember talking to someone close to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (of
Beatles fame) and querying the lifestyle of the guru when he was touring
England.  He told me, that as he accompanied the guru around the
country, he had the opportunity to ask him all the "awkward" questions.

His reply, it seems, was along the lines of, "If these people want to
spend large amounts of money so that I can tell people about my method,
that is their pleasure.  My pleasure is to tell people about my method.
If they can afford to pay for it, so be it. If not, they do not have to
pay for it."  I, incidentally, did NOT have to pay for it :-)

My [esoteric] acquaintance also told me that when the Maharishi was put
up at London's prestigious Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane, he was found
sleeping on his goatskin on the floor every morning ... that was what he
was used to, and that was what he preferred - wherever he was!


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