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Re: digest 1252

Sep 24, 1997 04:44 PM
by Vincent Beall

Nicole Suter wrote:

> To Vincent: "As a child I was aware of having three past lives, which came
> to me as innate knowledge and also some visual recollections. I have never
> found any true
> evidence that my life is ruled by those past lives."...
> You speek out of my soul here - I see it exactly the same way.
> "This is a disturbing feature of "Karma"; that emnity from past life
> events can be echoed in the present, and in this mans case he was nearly
> complelled to repeat his complete actions".
> Could you please help me here, I have difficutlies to understand this. If you
> see it the way you do write in the first sample, where does the echo come from?
> Nicole Suter

The echo was the completely shocking experience of the confontation with
man who was so troubled by the life he had led that he was desparately
seeking resolution in this life.

Perhaps the story is somewhat contradictory in that we have reacted very
differently to our past life experience, but he is perhaps an extreem
case. I think he can resolve his difficulties, but in ancient times he
was an executioner, and in this life he is despartely seeking G-d. My
past life recollections are apparently not as graphic as his, and I
don't have powerful emotional bonds to those memories.

Maybe doctrines of Karma that we have heard are warnings about being in
a stiuation such as descibed by his life, but even in his case what he
can do now in this life can completely change his experience and future
"Karma" or experiences.

The world is not simply 'determined'.


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