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God/Dennis - who knew?

Sep 22, 1997 06:58 PM
by kymsmith

Dennis wrote:

> And you ask: <... well, then, a
>question --- does putting words in God's mouth to prove a point fall within
>the category of ... well ... cheating?>  And I reply: no, Kym, on two counts.
>1.  It doesn't PROVE a point (for vigorous confirmation of this statement
>contact "C the H")

Are we wiggling over the word "prove?"  Ok, well, you must obviously feel
putting words in 'God's mouth' will somehow bolster your opinion, do you
not?  Let me re-phrase, "Does putting words in God's mouth to bolster your
point of view fall within the category of. . .well. . .cheating?"

>and 2. "Putting words in God's mouth" is fairly standard
>practice in our society (I suspect you haven't been listening to many church
>sermons lately).

Oh, my!  I lay my hand upon my bosom and am aghast!  Are you saying since
putting words in God's mouth is "fairly standard practice in our society"
that that justifies your use of it?

I'm not attacking you here, Dennis. . .I'm simply prying.  But I am
deflated, as I expected much more robust answers from someone who has such a
stalwart philosophy.


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