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Re: Karma and the Victorian Mind

Sep 22, 1997 05:38 PM
by A. Safron

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> Subject: Re: Karma and the Victorian Mind
> Date: Monday, September 22, 1997 12:40 PM
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> If you are referring to the program based on the "near-death" experience, I
> am wondering what so special about it? Many are busy dealing with real life
> living with very little time or interest in near death matters. Fortunately
> Death ends all our personal problems. This is a fact.
If near-death is considered New Age, then I don't know what to say.
Death is just the other side of life and as many boomers reach the big 50,
60, 70, 80 and whatever, this topic will become more popular.  I also
believe that as the volume of elderly grows in this country and they don't
quite know what to do with all the aged boomers who have large medical
bills and physical problems, there will be Kervorkian centers located almost
on every corner.  As fas as I'm concerned, when one makes a rational
decision that the body has served its purpose, it's time to go with dignity.
There were no such taboos in the ancient days or Japan.  One forgets,
one is coming back, very soon.  But I do believe it has to be a well
thought out decision.

A. SAfron

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