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Digest 1249

Sep 22, 1997 10:18 AM
by DSArthur

For Alan:  Great ... just don't relax too much or for so long that you start
to forget why you entered this incarnation in the first place.

For "C the H": who wrote <When the sun goes nova, the just and the unjust
shall fry alike> I reply: perhaps in your universe, Chuck ... but not in
mine!  Also, you quoted my statement (in Digest 1248): "... while in some
future lifetime the entity known in this lifetime as Stalin may possibly
proclaim: ' Why is all this S---tuff happening to me?  I can't possibly
deserve it!  Boy, this universe really SUCKS!'  And you wrote: <Or it may be
that he will come back rich and happy.  You have no way of proving one way or
the other ... .>  I reply: you are quite correct, Chuck ... and I have no way
of proving that, with further enlightenment, you will come to think very
differently about this universe than you do now.  But I believe it to be
true, nevertheless.

For Kym: who quoted my post (in Digest 1248) that read "There is an
interesting Bible verse (Genesis 4:9) wherein Cain asks God: "Am I my
brother's keeper?"  And I added: "Since God elected not to answer Cain
directly I will be so bold as to do so: yes, Cain, you ARE your brother's
keeper ... and so is everybody else!"  And you ask: <... well, then, a
question --- does putting words in God's mouth to prove a point fall within
the category of ... well ... cheating?>  And I reply: no, Kym, on two counts.
1.  It doesn't PROVE a point (for vigorous confirmation of this statement
contact "C the H") and 2. "Putting words in God's mouth" is fairly standard
practice in our society (I suspect you haven't been listening to many church
sermons lately).  With regard to your comment < ... and I never did get that
"Cain and Abel" story>, I have heard some interesting explanations (yes, I
know, Chuck, and NONE of them can be proved!).  However, I won't expound on
any of them in this post because Alan is still relaxing.

For Lynn:  who wrote (in digest 1249): <... would you agree that perhaps
collective karma limits and governs the operation of personal karma (and
probably the timing of it)?  In other words, nothing can happen on the level
of personal karma that is not within what is possible under collective karma.
 Just a thought.>  And I reply: IMHO your thought was an excellent one, Lynn.
 After I read your post I thought immediately of that line in the delightful
musical "My Fair Lady" in which Henry Higgins shouts about Eliza Dolittle: "I
think she's got it; I THINK SHE'S GOT IT!!"
NAMASTE, all  --- Dennis

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