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Re: Gad

Sep 14, 1997 11:31 PM
by libidia

> > >Gad, the list has been dead.
> > >
> > >Or is it not working?
> > >
> > >Chuck the Heretic
> > >
> > Which list? theos-l?
> >
> > mkr
> Well, I'm here but just barely. There is some interesting action on an
> alchemy list that you can find at an alcemy web site; there's a link 

Chuck, I am very concerned about you.  I think perhaps you are existing
on a different plane than the rest of us or perhaps your right and left
brain lobes have somehow flipped.  This (theos-l) list is one of the
more active ones I have seen on the Net.

Permit me to reverently ask what it is you are seeking.  Philosophical
debate; book reviews; challenges; personal revelations; jokes; dirty

Chuck, this list debates theosophical ideas.  And if some of us shared
all we thought or experienced, we'd be thrown off it.

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