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Re: Karma

Sep 12, 1997 06:45 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>I wonder why there are so many that take a oposition against creating
>Why would you try to avoid karma? isn't it a great healer, isn't
>the sword of nemesis that leads you on the right path?
>I feel that avoiding karma by 'not acting' against your natural desires,
>tricks you into standing still, or natural desires will come out one
>day with vulcanic force...

I suspect that the only people who really want to eliminate
karma are those who are simply tired of manifesting. HPB
rightly says that any failure to act has its own karma. So,
no matter whether we act or don't act, we still produce more 
karma. Only by eliminating all desire and attachment to life
can we act without karma, and even that has its problems
(for those familiar to magick, the City of the Pyramids in VTA,
the 14th Aethyr, comes to mind).

I also suspect that "the sword of nemesis" will lead "on the
right path" only those folks who practice karma yoga.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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