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Re: The Number 7

Sep 12, 1997 05:56 AM
by Douwe Boschma

> This reminds me of something.  Does anyone know where "direction"
> originated?  Have there always been six basic directions?  i.e. n s w e up
> down?  I imagine that there have.  Just curious.  Six directions from the
> point of origin, making seven also.

This reminds me of Kaballah, 6 is the world of space... north, east,
south, west, up, down, which is filled by the 7th, giving it life.
So 6 is dead matter, and 7 is the Spirit within matter.

In Kabbalah they also say that there was a original point (No.7), and because there
was a point there had to be a space where the point had to be in, so there
where 6 directions around a center...
Like this 7 is matter with life.
But seven is also the cycle becaus 1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28 and the cycle of
the moon takes about 28 days to make a month, proving once more that
the 7th is a force that gives life to the universe.

To prove this in an other way...

In the center of 7 is 4 (123-4-567) the 4 elements are the focus of 7.
123=6    is empty space
567=18   is ChI (Hebrew for Life)
4 elements give it substance.

Best regards,


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